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The pandemic over the past 12 months has effected most of us in more ways than we can ever have imagined. Furlough has become a “way of life” and driven people to different horizons. It's also been a time for reflection on what's important in your life. To that end, we have sadly lost a talented chef who joined us early on in 2020 to a new career path.

Frustrating as this is for us, the show must go on! Although we are still in a National Lockdown I am very keen to hear from qualified chefs who may have also had time to reflect during the past 12 months.

We're now in our 17th year of successful trading and are weathering the Covid pandemic with our heads held high. Currently trading through successful & popular takeaway evenings.

Although we lost 20% of our capacity, the months of July-Oct were our busiest in 17 years! During our December visit from the EHO we maintained our 5 stars but have also been commended on our COVID safety measures for both customers & staff. Why? Because we're passionate about hospitality and we care. I anticipate us to be very busy once more when we're given the green light.

The vacancy is part of an all female team with a wealth of experience. There's 2 chefs on any one shift and you'll be involved in everything from prep, service, cleaning, new menu involvement, responsibility for maintain 5 stars, deputising for both Head &/or Sous Chef during holidays.

If you're looking then you've already made the emotional decision to explore new avenues/adventures/challenges. I'm sure you've questions?

Email me and let's start a confidential dialogue. You'll probably be on furlough currently and can't/shouldn't move until that finishes and I've nothing to offer until that point either but we can be prepared can't we for new beginnings?

If local, I'd expect you to know of us and our website is usually full of all the preliminary information you maybe looking for such as opening hours but it's currently only active for takeaways. So feel free to ask any relevant question that will help your decision making process.

Staff are paid monthly. Equal share of a generous tip pot (shared daily) and paid through wages into your bank account, Schedules 2/3 weeks in advance, holidays, Christmas/NY holidays, Off Sundays, part of a tight, professional team.